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Gweedo makes Tools and Technology for Smart Digital Marketers.

Gweedo Attribution Manager: Ecommerce

Every sale will have a source.

Gweedo Attribution Manager: Publisher

Every page view will have a source. Think of your page views as "transactions" or "sales".  You're "selling" your content and you need to know the source of your customers, and what they're "buying" from your site.  

Gweedo Publisher Revenue Manager

Revenue Manager pulls in reporting from 3rd Party Networks for transactions that occurs on their sites, as a result of your referral. Revenue Manager "closes the loop" when connected with Publisher Attribution Manager  

Gweedo Ambassador Program Manager

Manage your own Influencer Program

Gweedo Referral Program Manager

Manage your own Referral Program

Gweedo Link Manager

Power up your links with your own link management network for centralized reporting, management, optimization.Link Manager by Gweedo:  Blinqs Are you an influencer?  We have specialty link management features for you. Are you an Affiliate?  We have tons of options to...

Gweedo Woocommerce Attribution Manager

Track all sales from the source in Woocommerce.

Gweedo Shopify Attribution Manager

Track all sales from the source in Shopify.

Gweedo Incoming Traffic Detection Manager

Manage your own Referral Program

Gweedo offers specialized solutions for Publishers to tie the originating source of visitors to any actions or conversions on-site and on third party sites, after your referral.

Incoming Traffic Detection

Whenever a visitor lands on any page of your site, our incoming traffic manager will tag the visitor and provide reporting so you know your biggest sources of traffic and where they’re sending you traffic.

Publisher Attribution Manager

Know the source of all of your incoming traffic, where they land and what they do. 

Publisher Link Manager

All the power is in your links.  Track all actions on your site, and track all clicks outbound — and automatically append tracking parameters to pass along user ID and source information.

Publisher Revenue Manager

When you send traffic to third parties using Link Manager, we retrieve resulting revenue from those links and tie it back to the original source.  A fully closed loop system.

Gweedo specializes in Attribution.  Track everything and tie all actions to the source.

Ecommerce Attribution

Track All Sales to the source.

Publisher Attribution

Track all page views to the source.

Gweedo offers specialized solutions for Influencer Programs, Affiliate and Partner Programs, as well as Referral and Ambassador Programs.

Influencer Manager

Manage your own influencer program, on your own terms.

Affiliate Partner Manager

Manage your own Affiliate Program or Partner Program on your terms.

Referral Manager

Reward customers, friends and family for their referrals.

Ambassador Manager

Empower brand ambassadors to promote you and amplify your message.

Gweedo offers specialized solutions for the Business of Blogging.  (We help publishers make more money with less time.)

Gweedo Blog Business Manager

Publishers rely on Gweedo to provide automation, alerts, reports and easy access to critital data and operations.

Efficient, Effective Blog Automation

There is no such thing as a successful “auto blog” — but we get as close to it as possible with EffectoBlog by Gweedo!  Automate content creation, curation, distribution and reporting.  Make your blog business as efficient, and effective as possible – with automation, integrations, and simplified workflows.