Making Weed Butter for Edibles

March 14, 2020

After a ton of research and some practice, I’ve gotta say:  I am pretty good at making weed butter now. 

As part of my research and practice, I’ve documented a lot of the process.

Why make your own weed butter

You can easily infuse your desired amount of THC or CBD into your own butter, used as you see fit in the kitchen.  I prefer to use my weed butter to bake cookies and muffins, and to make weed infused pancakes.

Infuse butter with CBD or THC

My parents prefer CBD over THC, while I prefer the reverse.  Whenever we infuse weed into butter for edibles, we can be using medical marijuana for THC, or industrial hemp for CBD.  The process is the same (with modest nuances).

How to use your own weed butter

Once you’ve made your own weed butter, you can use it as you want!  If you like the taste, you can simply spread it on bread, crackers or anywhere you’d normally use butter.

But, if you’re like me, and not a big fan of the flavor, you’ll probably prefer to bake it into your food.  My favorite way is to use Betty Crocker’s “Simpler Than Scratch” cookie mix.  They’re about $1 per bag, and makes 10-12 cookies using 2 tablespoons of butter.  (You can replace some or all of the butter with weed butter.)

Or, you can melt the weed butter and use it to make pancakes.  YUM.  Or, muffins.  They’re excellent. 

…but keep them away from kids!

Remember that EVERY TIME YOU MAKE EDIBLES.  How will you label and secure your edibles and GUARANTEE that kids will not have access.  This is critical to remember.  Every time.

Infuse oil with CBD or THC

You can also consider using oil instead of butter.

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